What to do if the dog does not poop after the surgery

If your four-legged friend got a surgery without complications, it is better to take it home leaving it alone to rest and relax during the following hours.

Bear in mind to take its bowl for water and food away until evening because the pet has to start eating and drinking gradually. It is also important to not force the animal doing it, since it is perfectly able to do it alone: in most cases it will be capable to do it from the following day. The period after the surgery can cause some other problems such as puking or heavy salivation and constipation. What to do if the dog does not poop or pee after the surgery?

Constipation in the dog after the surgery

Afetr a surgery the dog may incur in constipation according to many causes. Let’s start saying that it could be a normal event since the dog was fastening from the night before and so it could refuse food after the surgery. With much less food in its stomach it is quite inevitable it does not have the need of pooping or peeing.

Constipation of the dog after the surgery

You should overcome this issue in time: if the dog starts eating regularly, it will feel good and constipation should gradually disappear. Bear in mind that pain could also cause constipation in the dog: the pain after the surgery may be the cause. If you administer it the proper painkillers, the dog will feel better and it will start eating again as usual. In addition to constipation, after the surgery the dog may incur in loose stools, but it is a transitory phenomenon that will stop in few days.

If constipation is accompanied by weakness and loss of appetite or puking, you should contact your veterinarian.

The dog may need liquids to be rehydrated and probably a clyster. It should probably need some meds to soften the stools.

After you solve the issue you should pay attention to some things. It is better maintaining a correct diet, with proper quantity of fibers, solvable and also to prevent constipation and helping it maintaining good intestinal health.  Bear in mind to give it stimuli for water consumption because hydration is essential to soften stools and let them go out easily. Walks and daily physical exercise are important in order to stimulate bowel movement in expelling stools.