Buying a cat GPS on a Black Friday offer may seem excessive to some people, but they don’t take into account that the risk of losing your pet applies to cats as much as dogs, indeed perhaps even more so. Dogs are usually larger and easier to see, and a much stronger nose certainly helps them to find their way home. On the other hand, cats tend to hide when they’re scared in a place they don’t recognize, so even just going down the street they’re not easy to spot.

GPS for cats Black Friday on offer

This is why anyone who wants to give their cat all the freedom they need by letting them leave the house and stay in the garden or on the terrace should seriously consider buying a cat GPS on a Black Friday discount so they don’t have to worry as much when their cat doesn’t come home at the usual time to get food. On the other hand, nowadays these devices are very small and are perfectly suited to be worn by any medium-sized or even larger cat without being too annoying or bulky for the animal.

Cat GPS on offer Black Friday

Buy a GPS cat collar on Black Friday

Furthermore, when you buy a GPS cat collar on Black Friday, you’re no longer simply getting a GPS locator but a device full of features which go beyond real-time location tracking. What makes the difference is, in fact, that the app that can be installed on any smartphone whether it uses the iOS or Android operating system. In fact, the data collected by the collar are processed by the software to get reliable estimates of the activity performed and even the calories consumed. Eventually we’ll end up with a kind of diary which records when our cat was sleeping, when he was playing, when he was running or chasing something and so on. This allows us not only to know what our cat is doing but also to verify that his behaviour is normal and that there’s nothing wrong – like spending too much time resting – which could be a symptom of some issue.