Anyone who has had a cat knows that they are not easy animals to keep under control. For this reason a GPS cat collar can be very useful for those who have an “outdoor cat” – a cat used to living their day outdoors and returning when they please, generally when they begin to feel hungry. Cats are territorial animals: they do not stray far from the place they consider home – their safe place of refuge – but it is equally true that they are very curious beasts who are attracted to any place or object that they have not yet had the opportunity to smell, especially if this is located high off the ground.

GPS so you never lose track of your cat again

Sometimes it is fun and rewarding to see them jump to and fro finding the right path to reach their goal, but outside the home this can sometimes be a rather risky undertaking. Jumping over a wall can make it hard for them to get back home, or while chasing another cat they may stray so far that they cannot find their way home. This is why a GPS cat collar is an essential accessory for a cat owner: if you allow your cat to go out freely you will be used to them not showing up for hours and hours only to then suddenly appearing when hungry, but I believe that being able to know at all times where our cat is and following they are going is the secret dream of every cat lover who worries as to the whereabouts of their pet from time to time.

Cat GPS collar

The GPS cat collar allows you to check with just a few taps on your smartphone where your furry friend currently is, and to then go and collect them if they have perhaps strayed a little too far. To this end, all GPS cat collars are now equipped with the virtual fence function: via the app we can define an area within which the cat can wander safely – a sort of safe zone with digital boundaries that, once exceeded by the cat, will result in the collar immediately sending an alert to our phone, enabling us to intervene promptly and bring our cat back to the base.