Before buying a Black Friday GPS dog collar, I’d suggest you stop for a moment and follow some quick tips to make a purchase which allows you to not only save money but also have a useful product in your hands. Once Halloween has passed and the first smell of Christmas is wafting through the air, we know that the US Thanksgiving is near and so are the offers which the great e-commerce giants have also brought to our country.

Black Friday GPS dog collar

It’s mainly technological products which go on sale and that’s why, for people who want to buy a GPS dog collar, Black Friday represents a great opportunity to save up and get that product which, the rest of the year, might be too expensive. In the chaos of all the offers, however, let’s see which model to choose and what aspects you’ll need to take into consideration when purchasing.

Dog tracker Black Friday

Starting with the price; we have to bear in mind that the most common type of locator is the one which interfaces with smartphones and doesn’t require a specific receiver device: in addition to the undoubted advantages in terms of range, this new approach also allows us to reduce the costs of the locator which, even when it’s not on offer, can be easily found for under one hundred euros. So buying a Black Friday GPS dog collar means looking for something useful for under fifty euros.

Black Friday GPS dog collar

GPS for dogs Black Friday price and subscription

On top of the actual cost of purchasing the device, the cost of any subscription to be paid must also be taken into account. In fact, in order to function correctly, the location device must be able to transmit, i.e., to communicate, the dog’s position and it has to be transposed onto the map so that we can actually read it. Some manufacturers offer, in exchange for a subscription, the supply of offline maps while others rely on online ones, while when it comes to connectivity it’s certainly necessary to pay to take advantage of GSM connectivity. In this respect, there are two possible ways: either the buyer is responsible for buying a SIM and stipulating a tariff plan independently or they can pay a subscription directly to the manufacturer of the Black Friday GPS dog collar who will manage the connectivity.