When it comes to choosing the best satellite for hunting dogs there are several factors to take into account. We are not looking for just any device that allows us to locate our dog in urban areas, but we are talking about situations in which our companion can stray several hundred metres and it is therefore important to keep an eye on his position so that we can recover them.

Until a few years ago, the most common devices used by dog hunters included a locator worn by the animal plus a handheld device that displayed information such as the map, the distance and speed at which the dog was moving, etc. Even though they have a range of several kilometres, they can still be used to locate the animal. Although they have a range of several kilometres, these devices have a limited radius of action and require an additional object, a PDA. In recent years, however, when we talk about the best satellite tracking device for hunting dogs, we cannot fail to mention GPS trackers, which are able to work completely independently. All that is needed is a smartphone to consult all the data transmitted by the collar and thus obtain the position of our four-legged companion without any limit of range or distance.

Best satellite for hunting dogs

After all, all the essential functions for monitoring hunting dogs continue to be present in these new-generation devices, some of which have been improved. One example is the so-called virtual fence, an area within which we know our animal can move freely but from which we do not want it to leave. With a combination of GPS satellite technology and Wi-Fi, we can be alerted in real time if the dog strays from the area and immediately retrieve it.

Other functions such as the led torch are equally important, especially when operating in low light conditions, but it is good to remember that a feature that can define the best satellite dog collar for hunting is the ability to be always connected without the need for SIM. The device will use the strongest line in that area without being bound to the network of this or that operator, allowing a constant and stable tracking.