Buying GPS for dogs on Amazon makes an excellent gift for you and your four-legged friend: you will feel calmer thanks to the constant monitoring and your pet will be better understood and cared for thanks to the information that this device transmits. Indeed, when searching ‘GPS for dogs’ on Amazon, we are no longer presented with simple tracking devices but something much more complex. These are collars able to collect a lot of information to offer real-time monitoring not only of the position but also of the activities and partly of the health of our animal.

Compared to other solutions that rely on Bluetooth or WiFi, buying GPS for dogs on Amazon means accessing a global location system with limitless range. This aspect becomes paramount for a device that needs to track the movements of an animal which can easily cover hundreds of metres if not kilometres if it runs off. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols were created to transmit information, not to locate objects and people. By exploiting technologies connected to radio waves, they can be used to determine the position of an object – for example as with Apple’s AirTags – but the range of this application is still highly limited.

Amazon GPS for dogs

By purchasing GPS for dogs on Amazon on the other hand, you will be able to access the full functionality of a real localisation system that has been used for many years, not to mention all the add-ons and improvements that have been gradually added.

How GPS for Dogs Works

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a positioning and navigation system developed by the United States Army and in operation since 1994. A series of satellites orbiting the earth enable trilateration to be used in order to calculate the exact coordinates of a device. Initially results were more approximate, but over time positioning has become more and more refined via a series of improvements. One of these is the joining of GPS with GLONASS, the homologous positioning system developed by the Russian government: in combination, the two protocols have thus been able to refine coordinate calculation results even further. In addition to this, A-GPS (assisted GPS) aims to reduce time spent in “hooking up” to the satellites: let us not forget that even if we are talking about buying GPS for dogs on Amazon, these are still devices capable of exploiting not only a satellite signal but also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth triangulation should GPS signal not be available.