The Amazon GPS dog collar is a valuable ally to manage your four-legged friend in everyday life. Obviously its main purpose is to allow you to locate our furry friend at all times and then be able to easily find him in the unfortunate cases in which the dog moves away or is lost from sight during a walk, etc. Situations in which in the past would have triggered the absolute panic but now with a few touches on the phone you can solve in no time displaying directly on a map on the screen of our phone the position in real time. This means that even if the dog moved we could follow the movements and be able to bring him home without too many worries.

Functionality GPS dog collar

However, alongside this essential functionality, others have been added over time, and today an Amazon GPS dog collar is in fact a smart device with many features, connected to the network and our smartphone.

Amazon GPS dogs collar

The collar, in fact, interfaces with an app that must be installed on your phone, whether we have a device with an Android operating system or whether it is iOS will surely be available the app to actually use the collar. In fact, I’ve often pointed out that now every Amazon GPS dog collar looks like another and many of the reasons for choosing one or another model is given by the functionality and accessibility of the app itself.

Usually the functions of a satellite collar for dogs are divided into those related to the localization and those that concern the monitoring of the dog’s activities. Within the first category there is the Geofence or Virtual Fence or whatever you prefer to call this feature that allows you to draw an area within which we know that the dog can be quiet and if it exceeds the boundaries we would be immediately warned in order to recover it before it goes too far away. Functionality that perfectly matches with the activity tracking that allows to see how much time the dog spends sleeping, running, playing etc. allowing us to have a general picture of what our dog does during the whole day.