Buying an Amazon GPS dog tracker, is now almost a must for any owner of a furry four-legged friend, especially when you take into account their low price. In addition to providing constant monitoring of the movements of the animal, it also offers a series of activity tracking functions that allow us to monitor its health status as well.

What is the GPS tracker for dogs for

Very often on social networks we come across ads from people who have lost their dog for whatever reason. It is easy to identify with that person’s anxiety and worry, and we know for sure that we would never want to find ourselves in such a situation even if perhaps many of us have already been there.

Amazon GPS dog tracker

That’s why I stated at the beginning of this article that an Amazon GPS dog tracker is an absolute must-have for taking care of your dog. Basically it is a GPS locator, so what it does is communicate with the network of geolocation satellites and obtain the coordinates of the collar’s location. Alongside this information, it is equipped with additional sensors that allow it to collect other data which, together with those regarding position, must be sent to a device which is capable of reading and displaying this information. Today the most widespread and functional “receiver” is certainly our smartphone: whereas some collars are accompanied by special devices that perform the function of receiver, the most recent solutions in terms of Amazon GPS dog trackers are those that provide a companion app for installation on our smartphone and off you go.

Our phones are already equipped with Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so the collar can easily communicate with the installed app without any need to carry an additional device. Moreover, the position data collected by the collar can easily be viewed on online maps without any further need for purchase, download or installation. The Amazon GPS dog tracker is additionally equipped with gsm connectivity, enabling us to take full advantage of global GPS coverage: thanks to the telephone network, the tracker can communicate with a special server which we can access to determine its position even when we are several kilometres away, either because the dog has gone too far or because we are far from home.