With an Amazon GPS dog tracker you will sleep more peacefully knowing that this high-tech collar will monitor your four-legged friend for you, ensuring you do not lose them. Unfortunately, dogs are lost daily simply because of pulling on the leash too hard and escaping the grip of their owner; or slipping through an open garden and running off to chase a car: in short, there are many common situations in which anyone can lose their four-legged friend although nobody is at fault – it is all part of the “risk” of owning a pet.

Protect your dog with the GPS tracker

With an Amazon GPS dog tracker, such situations will no longer appear dramatic and anxiety-inducing. Thanks to these devices, we can know at all times where our furry pet is and consequently track it and go and get it where necessary.

Amazon GPS dog tracker

There are other technologies that perform similar functions, such as NFC and Bluetooth tags. However, these only work over very short distances, and are designed to locate small objects such as keys, wallets etc. inside the house, when they are otherwise nowhere to be found.

Over distances of more than ten metres however they are rendered practically useless, and this is why the Amazon GPS dog tracker is the best solution when it comes to pets. GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, a system originally developed in the military field by the United States government and latemade accessible to the public. It functions via a constellation of satellites that orbit the earth, making it possible to determine an individual’s location in any part of the world. In this way, global coverage is available for the calculation of coordinates, data which is mostly transmitted via GSM mobile lines – the old 2G cell phone protocol – permitting each Amazon GPS dog locator collar to transmit the collected data for our viewing. The range of communication extends to anywhere you have access to the internet – in other words it is just as global as GPS, ensuring you can always find your dog, even if it were in another country.