Before buying an Amazon GPS dog collar, I have some advice to give you in order to help guide you through the sea of opportunities that e-commerce has to offer. Tracking devices are now very cheap and practical, to the point that they are found almost everywhere, from the black box in your car to the watch on your wrist. It was inevitable then that the Amazon GPS dog collar would also become a common consumer product.

As the name tells us, its main function is to determine the location of your pet. It thus represents very useful tool for finding our four-legged companions when they go too far or get out of sight, but also to prevent any kind of unpleasant situation more generally by tracking their movements in real time.

Amazon GPS dog collar

What is the GPS Collar?

The Amazon GPS dog collar is a multifunctional tool, which we could also define as “smart” since it does not differ greatly – at least conceptually – from the smart bands used in sports to monitor physical activity. Obviously each product has its own particular physical manifestation, each with its own specific characteristics. With regard to the Amazon GPS dog collar, its strength from a functional point of view lies in the app that accompanies the device.

The device itself, in fact, is “limited” to collecting data and information that, in order to be of any practical use, must be sent to the app installed on our phone (or accessible via the web on PC) which processes said information, presenting it in a simple and instantaneous way. The most important function then is obviously that of providing GPS location. The collar actually sends a series of numerical coordinates which enable the app to display our pet’s position on the map in real time.

The software also offers features that may seem of secondary importance but that once you try them are guaranteed to become indispensable. For example, the Virtual Fence is a brilliant idea, perfect for those who have a dog in their garden or yard: this feature allows you to define an area within which the dog can move freely, but should your pet stray beyond this zone, you will receive a warning enabling you to intervene promptly to prevent the dog from going too far or coming to any harm. There are also features related to the dog’s health and activities, so, in conclusion, before buying an Amazon GPS dog collar, don’t just look at specifics but first take a careful look at its app.