Amazon GPS cat tracker’s are now available and work in a similar way to that used for dogs. For those familiar with locators usually used in the context of hunting dogs, it may seem strange that such a device could be used on a much smaller and more reluctant little animal.

In reality, technology has come a long way – gone are the antennae and other cumbersome features of old. Today’s Amazon GPS cat trackers have extremely small dimensions and can easily be used even on medium-sized cats. Collar manufacturers recommend them for cats weighing at least 4 kg, but then a lot depends on the particular animal: some barely tolerate flea collars or decorative ones, while others are less easily bothered, but a good option in general is to fix the Amazon GPS cat tracker to a harness.

Amazon GPS cat tracker

GPS so you never lose track of your cat again

If your cat is allowed to freely come and go from your home, this is an essential device, since our feline friends – despite being very territorial – love to explore, discover new places, browse in the narrowest ravines and sometimes disappear for many hours, all of which can cause us to worry immensely. With an Amazon GPS cat collar however, this will never happen again, since we can check on our cat at any moment, observing its location and tracking its movements. In this respect, the virtual fence function is very useful. Via the app, it allows us to define an area within which we believe our cat to be safe, and within which it will therefore be able to move freely. However, as soon as the boundaries of this space are exceeded, we immediately receive a warning thanks to which we can promptly intervene to prevent our feline friend from straying too far, getting scared and then hiding in hard to reach places.

The tracking capabilities of Amazon GPS cat collars are also practically boundless. The communication range extends to anywhere that can be reached by a mobile phone line, and GPS is by definition a global tracking system; therefore, even if we were on holiday in another country and had left the care of our cat to friends, we would still be able to locate our beloved pet and keep check on it.