When we ask ourselves what has brought the wolf and the men together ten of thousands of years ago, hunting has probably been the very reason. Our ancestors have swiftly selected wolves also to get advantage of their smart and deadly hunting skills, so during IX and XX centuries hunting dog breeds stood up, divided for their capabilities. Let’s find them out.

Retriever dogs’ breeds

Retriever dogs are experts in retrieving the prey broken down by the hunter, and they often cooperate in moving heavy animals. We’re talking about Golden Retriever and Labrador, but also Cocker (birds and rabbits) and Setter.

Den dogs’ breeds

Den dog are little and fast, they often have a rectangular or long shaped mouth. Its task is to pluck the prey that hides itself in order to get it broken down. The most iconic ones are Jack Russels, expert in hunting moles, foxes and badgers, and also the dachshund. With a little bit of training, dedicated also to stubborn and curious Bull Terrier, they can become perfect den dogs.

Pointers and setters

All hunting dog breeds

Pointers are dogs that can follow the path of the prey even after they have been broken down, indicating the hunter where is the trophy. In this category setters, pointers and some other breeds stand up. Pointers have more expertise in being in contact with wild animals, so we require from them braveness and cleverness. We’re talking about hounds, they divide up into many breeds, but all of them have great organizing skills and a leonine courage. Hounds are expert in following scent, so they can trace preys broken down many miles away and taking them back to their owner.