The agility dog accessories are used to facilitate the training of dogs in overcoming the various obstacles that this discipline provides. It is a very fascinating sport where the human-animal bond is exalted and made playful but which requires a lot of commitment from both parties involved.

The agility dog accessories are used to prepare the dog for the sporting competition by teaching them how to overcome the obstacles provided by following the instructions of their owner. Most of these accessories are tools for training the dog to jump, to follow a particular course or to stand in a certain position on command. When performing the obstacle course, your dog moves freely and does not need any accessories to be worn, but a collar capable of monitoring your dog’s activity can be extremely useful during training. Usually these are devices that serve different purposes such as real-time tracking, the virtual fence that warns when the dog leaves a specific area and then there is precisely all the part related to the monitoring of dog activity.

Agility dog accessories

How do agility dog accessories work?

Among the agility dog accessories, these collars can be very useful to better manage the trainings and also to check if the dog is getting physical benefits from them or if, on the contrary, they are tiring them in an excessive way. Several sensors are present in these devices and allow, through a special software, to automatically recognize the dog’s activities, to calculate even the calories consumed and to indicate in principle the optimal amount of exercise that the dog can do taking into account its specific characteristics, such as size, breed and daily habits.

In this way, even if the dog would do anything to please its human, we can see directly on the screen, with objective data, how much work the dog has done in training, how much time it has spent running, how much it has rested and even the number of calories it has consumed in order to keep its diet balanced.

These collars are accessories that are not to be used in the race, of course, but they are very useful beforehand and help to ensure that the dog arrives at the race ready but above all healthy.