When you decide do take a dog in your family there are many important things to remember. Specifically, when it is young it will need more care. Here it is what you should know before taking one.

Getting your home ready for a puppy

If your new housemate is a puppy you have to be very patient, then you can move on. A new furry friend will surely bring joy and happiness, but there are many things to keep in mind. How should you get your home ready for a puppy? First of all get your home ready as you were just about to bring home a baby: get ready of dangerous things, detergents, cables, etc. Your puppy will love to make pranks! Once you have made your home safe you should decide where to put the doghouse, the place where it will relax, play and rest. There are many sizes for you to choose, but pay attention to the size of the dog, it will grow fast. During the first nights it will probably try to get in your bed, but don’t let it in, everyone has got his own space. Always refill a bowl with fresh water, while the bowl for food can be placed only when it needs to eat. The puppy has to get used to relieving himself in the proper space. You can start with sleepers and teach it how to use them. Puppies don’t have specific hours to do it, as adult dogs. With it first walks it will get used to your schedule. Remember: a dog is forever, so be aware of your choice.

What to know before taking a dog

Cohabitation rules

As mentioned before, a dog puppy is very similar to a baby. It will love to play, sleep and stick his nose everywhere. It’s normal! However, it should learn family rules since its childhood. Every member of the family should teach it the same rules in order to make it understand what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes it will be hard to resist to that tender little face, but it will grow and it will become an adult. A proper education will help him become a polite, manageable and friendly dog. Specifically, if you have a big size dog It is important to build a relationship based on trust and obedience. You can contact a specialist who will help you use the first rules to train it. Make it do regularly walks, during which i twill learn to hear your voice and your commands. Timetable, rules and good manners will make your puppy a perfect dog.