The microchip is a mandatory device put under the skin according to the law, thanks to the owner can find it in case of missing. Actually, the microchip has many functions, but when the dog dies we ask ourselves what to do with it. Italian law is very specific, let’s find out more.

Notifying the death of the dog to the authorities.

When a dog passes away, we should notify the canine register within 2-15 days (according to regions) in order to produce proper documentation and certificates. The microchip gives the owners some responsibilities, as attaching to the notification all the documents issued by the veterinarian and a certification stating that our friend has not bitten anyone for two weeks before passing away. Obviously, if the dog has been properly vaccinated, tehe veterinarian can skip part of the documentation.

Disposing of the dog’s remains

The microchip does not particularly affect our way of disposing of the remains of our furry friend: this depends on the causes of death and the chance to bury them inside our properties. But if the remains of a dog are found we can identify the owner immediately, who is punishable by law (with fines up to 28,000€). Obviously no one among our readers could possibly abandon the remains of our friends, but we should keep in mind that Italian law and regulation can be very strict about pets.

What to do when a dog with a microchip passes away

Risks of homemade disposal methods when a dog passes away.

When a dog passes away the pain is often so unbearable that the last thing we would like to do is going to administrative offices and fill forms. But this is a crucial step in preventing the spread of diseases and infections, and also in respecting public hygiene. If the authorities tell us we can bury the remains of the dog in our garden we should avoid the contact with the earth by wrapping it in plastic bags and burying it several meters underground.