We have discovered how dangerous can be for dogs eating chocolate, the same for cats. It is less likely for a cat eating chocolate because these furry friends are not so attracted by sweet food, but they may be tempted by the scent and they could taste a bit of it.

Why chocolate is toxic for cats?

What happens if our cat eats chocolate

The same substances that may hurt dogs, as caffeine and theobromine, are also toxic for cats, since their reins and digestive apparatus are known to be very delicate. Moreover, cats are smaller than dogs, so the dangerous amount of it is just 50g (half of a classic chocolate tablet). Even if it is unlikely for a cat jump on the chocolate, you should never let it be around its paws.

What to do if the cat has eaten too much chocolate

If the cat has eaten chocolate you should take it to the veterinarian immediately, so he can start a detox treatment for which will last for some days, constantly followed by doctors. The most important thing is to take the chocolate out from its body, same as all the caffeine and theobromine. Symptoms are the same of the dogs: diarrhea, cough, vomit, convulsions, incontinence and hyperactivity.

Some ideas for a cat-proof kitchen

Not all cats are attracted by human food, but they usually smell everything and climb just to satisfy this instinct for discovery. It is recommended to have all dangerous food inside unbreakable and hermetic boxes, possibly inside drawers or doors inaccessible for it.

Another tip in order for our cat to avoid eating chocolate or other forbidden whims is having always near some snacks for cats with a swell recognizable scent (duck, giblets or its favorite one). This will help it distinguish among healthy and dangerous snacks.