We are very aware that our four-legged friends love kisses and friendly licking. But there are many reasons behind this behavior. What does it mean when the dog licks you? Let’s find out.

Why the dog licks the owner

All the dog’s owners know that the furry friend loves to lick us like crazy upon returning home. Surely it means the dog really loves us, but not only that. The reasons behind it may be many. In the language of dogs, licking the owner upon returning home means it is crying for attentions or they need something. We should always remember that the dog learns this behavior when it is young, when its mum licks the puppies to clean them; this gesture is a clear sign of affection for the puppy. Once it becomes an adult the dog will remember those moments and will keep thinking about it as a positive sign. When the dog licks us on our lips it may mean it is asking for food as it did when it was a puppy.  Sometimes it happens that when we are on the couch, our four-legged friend starts to lick us slowly for a long time. It is showing us affection, but it is also cleaning us to wipe off those strong smells it doesn’t like.

What does it mean when the dog licks you

What does the dog realize by licking us

In addition to what has been said before, by licking us the dog tries to get information about us, on our feelings and our health. We usually release pheromones and our dog perceives them with its tongue. Who would think that our furry friend could realize if we are happy by licking us? That’s how it is. Finally, another explanation takes us in the world of wolves, where the leader of the pack got licked as a sign of respect, showing it its superiority. This may be the same when the dog licks the owner, that has been chosen as the leader. This may also happen with other people or dogs chosen as leaders. But if the dog licks you when you’re cooking, then it’s different: it surely likes the smell on your hands. Slurp!