The idea to dream a four-legged friend is a positive one, since they are so full of love. But what does it mean to dream a dog truly? It is always a good dream or it can become a nightmare? Let’s find out together.

The meaning of the dog in the dream

Usually, in dreams a dog can involve three semantic areas: the instinctive part, the loving an trustworthy part and the one related to aggressiveness. Regarding the instinctive part, dreaming a dog may show that we are living a squeezed or too free interiority. If the dog is happy it is a peaceful and equilibrated situation, if it is aggressive in the dream, your unconscious is probably feeling discomfort. The loving part is obviously a symptom of happiness, it shows you are an upright person toward your life and the future. The semantic part of the aggressive dog shows a negative situation. Anger, fear, lack of trust, lack of freedom: the emotive sphere doesn’t feel happiness.

What does it mean to dream a dog

So, there are different meanings related to the presence of a dog in dreams, but every single one related to its feelings. If it is happy in the dream it means it is a positive dream, while an angry or sad dog shows there is something wrong in your life.

The meaning of being bitten by a dog

Usually, the dog is a happy and enthusiastic figure, but sometimes it is not like that. For example, what does it mean dreaming of being bitten by a dog? The meaning of this dream can be of two different types according on the part bitten by the dog in the dream. If the dog bites a hand it means there is an obstacle between you and your goal; if the dog bites an arm, it’s a symbol of betrayal: someone in your private life has not be sincere with you. If the dog bites the leg it shows there is some fragility, private or sentimental conflicts; if the dog bites a bone don’t worry! It’s a positive sign that could be showing an achievement. When the dog bites the furniture, unfortunately, it means that someone wants to ruin a relationship you really care about. Finally, if the dog bites someone to protect you in the dream, it means you may need some reassurances, some protection. And who better than your loyal friend can do so?