Some of us will remember Belle et Sébastien cartoon, others have discovered these beautiful stories through recent movies, but one thing is certain: Belle is the prototype of the ideal dog in this kind of stories, and it sparks curiosity in everyone that come closer to this movie series.

What breed is Belle, the dog in Belle et Sébastien?

Belle is a mountain dog, one from the Pyrenees, a large sized breed characterized by a dense and pure fur, such as snow. These dogs come from mountain areas of the south of France and are reflexive, measured, they love their family and are cold with strangers. When they identify their family they open up and become friendly and loyal, becoming the ideal companion for the ones who get involved in many adventures, such as Sébastien.

How are mountain dogs from Pyrenees?

In this area of France two breeds has been selected: mountain dogs and shepherd dogs. The latter guide the herd, while the first ones with their size are the ultimate guardians. That is why those who are familiar with this breed say these dogs have two personalities, depending on the moment we encounter them: a work shift or a relaxing family time. Mountain dogs from the Pyrenees are strong, resistant, reflexive and smart, and they are the ideal ones for those who want a dog that can grow along with their kids. Other than the adoptions for families or those for managing the herds, mountain dogs from the Pyrenees are very life savers, especially for their sense of responsibility.

What breed is Belle et Sébastien’s dog?

Which dogs have starred as Belle in the movie?

In Belle et Sébastien movie, the companion of the kid is interpreted by three different dogs… and the funny thing is they are all male! Among them we have an Italian one, that the director spotted during the inspections in Savoy. The movie director has nurtured the idea of a remake of the famous Japanese cartoon for years, and it seems he is very fond of these beautiful big white dogs.