When doing a lot of outdoor activity, a waterproof dog GPS is absolutely essential. Whether it’s because we have a very active dog who wants some space and a way to have fun, or because our dog is our faithful companion during hunting sessions, the fact is that waterproofing will be indispensable. However great it may be to be outdoors or in the middle of nature we should always expect the unexpected; it’s not as protected as we would be at home or in a more urban environment so the equipment we bring with us on these occasions has to be up to scratch. This applies to our clothing and to the objects we use, but also to our animals.

And a waterproof dog GPS will help you to always find your four-legged friend, even in situations which aren’t ideal: high humidity, a river or pouring rain may affect the operation of an electronic device and this is when a waterproof dog GPS becomes almost mandatory, or you might as well not have a locator at all.

Waterproof dog GPS

Uses of a waterproof dog GPS

Collars which allow you to locate your dog are often used in emergency situations, so they have to be ready, if necessary: if we lose sight of our dog a good battery, a good GSM signal for data transmission and a waterproof case which prevents water damaging the components could make all the difference.

By the way, a waterproof dog GPS can come in useful not only in the more “extreme” situations we’ve mentioned before but also in ordinary everyday life. We have to admit that dogs aren’t always calm and docile – on the contrary they’re often messy animals, and just a puddle or a water pipe is enough to cause some serious damage to the GPS device. We’re talking about devices which are rather small and could therefore potentially be fragile, but the use of special materials means that overall we have a GPS for dogs which is waterproof and made with light materials so it isn’t annoying or uncomfortable for our four-legged friend.