The best features for companion dogs

Most of the people who decide to welcome a dog in their houses are looking for a companion dog, in order to make a change in their lives and to have a trustworthy companion in everyday life. Once the dog comes in our houses, our life completely changes, since having a dog is very challenging, but an invaluable experience. Getting a dog can be the right choice to give a second chance to the less lucky ones, but you can also find some meek breeds, that are particularly suggested for living in a flat. But which are the best breeds for companion dogs? It is recommended paying attention to the breeds that usually do not bark, but also considering the size, since small sized dogs are the best for a flat, but large sized ones are meek and friendly as no one else. 

The best breeds for companion dogs


The Dachshund is the perfect companion dog: it is small and particularly recommended if you live in a flat, it is quiet and friendly. It loves being with its family inside the house. It is meek, but also stubborn, it is the most common companion breed.


It is one of the most loyal small sized companion dogs around the world. It is very affectionate and sensitive, but also protective towards its family. It is not so active, it loves comfort and tends to become a little sedentary.

Jack Russell

It is renowned as companion dog, it has a impetuous personality: very lively, intelligent, playful and affectionate and it has to socialize with as many dogs as it can.


It is a medium sized dog with a empathetic and affectionate personality: it is lively and exuberant, but if you train it since it is a puppy, once adult it is meek and calm. It tends to bark frequently, but it is a good companion dog as long as you take it out regularly and if you guarantee it the proper physical activity.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King is an elegant, affectionate and meek dog, it is sociable and dynamic. It is not aggressive, it is small sized and it is perfect if you live in a flat and have a family. It is very intelligent, you have to constantly give it stimuli.

Yorkshire terrier

Obviously even the Yorkshire is a good choice for a dog if you live in a flat: small and lively, it needs little room for its physical activity. I loves resting on armchairs and sofas it does not like solitude


Per gli anziani e chi sta spesso in casa il Maltese è un cane da compagnia ideale per gli anziani e per sta sta spesso in casa: raggiunge al massimo i 4 chilogrammi di peso. Non ama stare da solo e adora il suo padrone, ma ama avere uno spazio tutto per sé.

Border Collie

It is born as a shepherd dog, buti t is an ideal companion dog, it is particularly intelligent and full of energy. Very family-bound, it is sweet and affectionate, easy to train and perfect if you live in a flat.

Labrador Retriver

It is one of the best large sized companion dogs, it is the perfect friend for all members of the family. It is meek, playful, equilibrate, but it loves to protect the ones it loves. It has a protective instinct, but it is affectionate.

Golden Retriver

Beautiful, sociable and meek, it loves children and living in a flat. It is extremely sociable even with strangers, it constantly look for its owner and loves being among people.