Many people are looking for a SIM-free GPS tracker on Amazon. Some people want to use it as a security device for their car, others want to keep an eye on other important items, but most of the time it’s the concerned pet owners who want to monitor their furry friend even when they are not at home for work and generally whenever they have to be away from them.

There are many GPS trackers out there for every purpose, but in our case,  we need a device that is not only able to connect to GPS satellites to allow us to locate it geographically, but it is equally important that the device is able to communicate its position so that we can have access to a true real-time tracking function. Otherwise, we could just pick up the tracker and periodically download GPS tracks and lose the ‘live’ functionality.

This is precisely why mobile phone services come into play. The tracker will use the telephone network to communicate its position to a server that can then be accessed at any time via an app or website. In order to use this service, it is easy to see that the presence or absence of a SIM card has consequences in terms of the usability of the device.

Sim-free GPS tracker Amazon

In fact, some trackers have a module where a SIM card must be inserted in order to communicate. The disadvantages in this case are many and range from the fact that the device is tied to a single operator who may not have optimal coverage in certain areas, to its greater size and weight and the need to keep the SIM card active with periodic recharges.

From this point of view, manufacturers who have taken the trouble to create a SIM-free GPS tracker that is readily available on Amazon are freeing the end user from certain burdens and making life easier. A SIM-free tracker communicates via the GSM or 2G network, relying on the network of the operator offering the best service in the area, with no limits on coverage or distance. Even if we take our four-legged companion with us on holiday, we know that the security provided by the GPS tracker will be with us.