Siberian Husky, which are its main features?

Siberian Husky is one of the most recognizable and appreciated breed among our four-legged friends’ lovers. Their frozen eyes and the name quickly remind us of their northern origin we usually associate to snow and sleighs.

Physical appearance

Even though they are the best breed used for this sport activity, we should say that Siberian Husky are usually medium-sized dogs, the right size for having muscular strength, agility and speed.

Siberian Husky

Its double fur is also very peculiar, it makes it resist to very low temperatures (even 60 degrees below zero): the superficial one is thick, soft but not so long, with different colors (black, grey, brown and red) stronger on the back, white on the chest as the “mask” on the mouth. Generally, its physical appearance reminds a wolf, so the most famous Siberian Husky in history, Balto, has become a real wolf-dog in the homonymous animation movie.

Personality and behaviour

From the cousin, Siberian Husky they have inherited the “herd” attitude and so the search for sociability. It means that husky, in addition to their work predisposition are perfect life companions, nice and sociable. Their affectionate and less aggressive personality (sometimes suspicious) makes them unsuitable to be guarding dogs; they are very active dogs instead, that appreciate open spaces and need to be kept under control since they are curious and little territorial. If you give them the chance they can easily sneak out of the garden or the courtyard where they live. The adventure driven Siberian Husky have an inborn hunting instinct, which suits with an independent personality that need to be trained to avoid disobedience. But they are playful, even though they are a bit though they are recommended if you have children in your family.