When it comes to satellite dog collars, price and reliability are the two essential factors. They are often devices that offer a great many extra functions, but at the end of the day, what a pet lover wants for his companion is the possibility of keeping them safe by monitoring his movements with as much precision as possible. 

For a long time, satellite collars have been widely used. In order to work, they require a PDA that can read the data from the localisation device and display it on a map so that the dog can be easily located. These devices are used above all in hunting, where dogs have large spaces to cover and often there are more than one of them. WWithout a satellite tracking device it would be very difficult to follow them just by looking.

Satellite dog collar price

How the satellite dog collar works

The collar and the handheld device use radio waves to communicate with each other and this can become a problem as using certain frequencies requires specific government authorisation, so you need to buy a device that specifically complies with Italian legislation if you don’t want to incur penalties.

The presence of the palmtop and the question of radio frequencies mean that the costs of these devices are very exorbitant and in the top-of-the-range models can reach a thousand euros. The average is a few hundred euros, but in any case, the new generation of GPS devices that do away with the handheld device and communicate their data to servers that can be accessed with a simple smartphone, tablet or PC, will help.

The difference lies in the software, which, with special features, can perform all the most important functions for a satellite collar, in addition, of course, to live tracking: from the virtual fence to the detection of physical activity, everything is condensed into devices that cost the end user about €50 with the possibility of adding additional subscription services as desired. The communication protocols are the standard ones, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and communication with the servers takes place via GSM or 2G telephone service; therefore, all proven and reliable technologies that do not involve any surprises in terms of legislation.