Unsafe encounters between unknown dogs on a leash when one or both dogs:

  1. Approaches walking in a straight line and heading to the other dog
  2. The dog barks, whines, turns around, pulls with all his might when approaching
  3. Stands still motionless staring at the other, tail stiffened or with small movements
  4. The hair stands up from the neck to the top of the tail for the entire duration or at times
  5. Growls audibly or softly (perceptible only by vibration that crosses the leash)


  • Hold the leash firmly with your hand in the opening, stand still so you don’t lose your balance
  • Do not approach the dog, but use physical barriers: cars, bushes, plants, benches…
  • Move away from the other dog by calling it by name or by attracting it with your voice or other vocalisations

If your dog does one of the 5 actions described above, contact a professional

Dr. Daniela Cardillo, graduated in Breed Breeding Techniques and Cynophile Education and part of the international team of Victoria Stilwell, star of the television series “Enough! Me or the dog.” GREENDOGS www.greendogs.it brand owner

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