Which kibble for dogs? The choice of dry food is a practical one for the dog owner. It is reliable and hygienic because dry food in bags does not spoil and it is suitable for those who do not have much time to cook home-made food for their dogs. In just a few minutes, your four-legged friend will be able to enjoy their meal in their bowl, without forgetting that kibble is perhaps the most balanced choice in terms of nutritional elements for our furry friend. It is a very balanced food that does not require the addition of any other ingredients.

How is kibble prepared?

How can we distinguish between types of kibble? It is a complete and balanced food designed and manufactured to satisfy a dog’s taste and above all their nutritional requirements. It may contain beef or chicken meal and corn gluten and is rich in protein, which is necessary for the formation of muscles and antibodies. Kibble production can start with fresh or frozen ingredients which are then dehydrated. Vegetable oils and animal fats provide the correct amount of lipids that beautify the dog’s skin and add flavour to the food.

Kibble for dogs

They are made through a process known as ‘extrusion’, which starts by mixing all the ingredients in different mixtures according to the formula: the same mixture then becomes a mass that is cooked in a high-pressure machine at a high temperature, thereby drying the product. Once dried, it is coated with a fatty liquid that gives it its attractive smell and taste for the dog.

All the advantages of kibble

Kibble is perhaps the most balanced food that satisfies our furry four-legged friend’s taste buds and is complete in terms of nutritional value. Another advantage is that it is extremely practical to feed to your dog. There are many different types and they contain all the necessary nutrients your dog needs at every stage of development.