Dog sit on grass

Jack Russell is one of the most energetic breed you can meet. It’s a perfect working dog, prey oriented, with a strong tenacity and very determinated. Although it’s a small size dog, its energy is extreme: it can jump, run and play for hours. Explore and hunt are two of the milestones of Jack Russell Terriers, and these make them excellent barkers and diggers. There are intelligent and athletic in the most dangerous combination: they need a lot of mental and physical exercise in order to keep a balance wellbeing. They love fetching balls in a passionate and obsessive way, so if you want to make a Jack Russell happy just throw a ball. If you don’t want to experience destructive behavior you must exercise physically and mentally properly, avoiding boredom. Is important to remember all of this before bringing a Jack Russell in your family. Is also suggested to have a house with a garden or a yard because Jack Russell are not apartment dogs! Anyway Jack Russell Terriers are usually friendly with strangers, but their inclination to adventure make them fearless, and could put them in danger with other dogs. Leave a Jack Russell alone with another dog is not a good idea even though they seem fine together. Jack Russell is a really possessive dog and can begin a fight just for a toy. Due to their intelligence, they can be trained easily because are usually food oriented. They can learn tricks very quickly but your problem will be make them oblige when you order something. They will oblige in that moment if they think is the best solution also for them, otherwise they will do exactly the opposite. But if you exercise it, you give mental stimulation, companionship, and confident leadership, the Jack Russell will be your best friend forever.