The paired iPhone 13 GPS dog collar is all you need to keep an eye on your four-legged friend. In an ideal world we’d spend most of our time cuddling and playing with our dog but unfortunately this isn’t possible and work, commitments and anything else can keep us away from home for a good part of the day. The pairing of a GPS dog collar and the iPhone 13 was made to solve this problem, allowing us to not only know our animal’s location and to have the peace of mind of knowing where our dog is at all times, but also to get information on what he’s up to and to know if he’s sleeping, playing etc.

iPhone 13 GPS Dog Collar

Purchasing a GPS collar

Usually the idea of buying a GPS collar mainly comes from the need to find our dog if he gets out of the house or runs away during a walk or, even, if some attacker decides to steal him, but nowadays by combining a GPS dog collar with an iPhone 13 we can get much more information and have an overall picture to keep our dog healthy. These devices are now easy to use and tested and exploit all the potential offered by our smartphones: we just need to install an app on our phone to be able to interface with the actual device and process the information transmitted in order to obtain any useful data, from the dog’s movements, to his level of physical activity up to an estimate of the number of calories he has consumed.

GPS Dog Collar App on iPhone 13

If you’ve chosen a smartphone from the Cupertino-based company, simply check that your GPS dog collar’s app is available on iPhone 13, or better on the iOS operating system. There are no compatibility problems between the locator and the phone because everything is done via the app provided by the manufacturer of the device. In fact the latter comes with a GSM or 2G communication module, a simple mobile telephone line which the locator uses to get in touch with a server where all the collected data is recorded, ready to be consulted by any device capable of connecting to the Internet, including the iPhone 13.