How to intervene when the cat risks hypothermia

Generally, cats resist to cold better than people, since they have a higher average body temperature of 38.5°: if the cat is used to spend its days outside, it will continue doing it even though temperatures have dropped, but the moment the cold comes they come back. However, some cats, especially puppies and old ones, but also some particular breed that with their furry coat suffer low temperatures. But how long can it last a cat in the cold?

Hypothermia in cats, how to intervene

The usual temperature of a cat, anally measured, is between 38 and 39 Celsius degrees. But due to cold, its body may freeze further and should it drop to 36 degrees we can talk about hypothermia. But how long can a cat last in the cold? When temperature drops its vital functions become slower as the heart rate and respiratory frequency, so it moves less and maybe it fall asleep if the situation become worse. N order for the cat to warm up it needs muscular work that produces energy, but this system cannot last long since it burns higher level of energy ad oxygen. The cat cannot run in a warm environment and the situation gets worse.

How long can resist a cold cat?

When the tremors stop and the cat stop to roll up facing cold, the situation gets worse and temperature drastically drops. Furthermore, the more the surface of the cat is reduced, the more warm dispersion is higher. Generally, tremors stop around 33 degree and around 32 vital functions are drastically reduced. It is fundamental to intervene immediately. Plunge the cat in 37 degrees water or warm it up with a hairdryer until muscular tremors start again. If you find the cat in hypothermia it is crucial to intervene immediately: take it in a warm environment and if it does not respond to stimuli take it to the veterinarian.

Cold cat, how to help it

If the cat is cold, its behavior will tell you so: it hides under the bed, it will try to go under the sheets or up the heater. Remember to rise the doghouse from the ground and if the cat lives outside increase daily food quantity. Remember that in order to help street cats during the cold season it is possible to build a closed from the inside doghouse, then you should apply wool sheets, bowls for water and food. During the winter cats go under the cars to find some heat, so before starting your car just try to hit the hood to let the cat go.