When a dog enters our lives, it becomes an irreplaceable affection and with a GPS dog collar (iPhone or Android) we can sleep more soundly. These modern devices interface directly with our phones in a smart way using apps developed for both iOS and Android. The GPS and handheld device set that receives the signal is now a thing of the past, or in any case reserved for specific areas, but for more general use there are various solutions, not too expensive, to have a GPS dog collar compatible with iPhone.

We know that the Cupertino company has designed tags capable of detecting the position of objects in the vicinity, but these are completely different products from GPS collars in terms of both technology and functionality. The tags are essentially based on Bluetooth technology and as such have a very limited range of action: the main use is to find keys, wallet etc. in the house or any other confined space and to be alerted if we forget them.

GPS dog iPhone collar

The GPS dog collar, for iPhone, Android or any other operating system, on the other hand, uses satellite localisation systems, capable of operating, therefore, theoretically all over the world. If your four-legged friend decides to take a holiday and escape to Fuerteventura, with a GPS dog collar and an iPhone you will be able to locate him safely from your home.

And because it is a smart device, it can provide you with so much more than just location information. Special sensors and sophisticated algorithms determine whether your dog is awake or asleep, moving or stationary, and generally monitor your dog’s activity, even calculating the calories he spends, so you can keep an eye on his health. In fact, the collar is not only useful when our dog is lost and we need to retrieve him, but with a GPS dog collar and an iPhone or any other smartphone, even from work or on holiday we can take a brief look at how our four-legged friend is doing.