The commercial deployment of GPS control has had a major impact on our lives. Being able to access localisation tools using orbiting satellites is not something that can be taken for granted and yet today almost all smart devices, not only phones but also fitness watches, cars, and many others are able to track our location and allow GPS control.

The most common use we make of GPS is to locate ourselves and have various navigation software guide us to a destination, but GPS control is an equally interesting application. On many occasions, it is useful to be able to know, depending on the device, the exact position in real time or the history of the movements of an object, an animal or even a person. One only has to think of the black boxes mounted on cars by insurance companies or the fitness watches that record the route taken while hiking or mountain biking.

GPS control

GPS and the question of privacy

Obviously if we are talking about people, privacy issues arise. The idea of being able to ‘spy’ on the movements of your partner or any other person is completely illegal, which is why GPS monitoring is mostly applied to your valuables, such as your car, and for your pets. There are a number of devices that can be worn by our four-legged friends in order to have GPS control over them so that we can have greater security in case they stray from home. In fact, these smart collars have evolved into devices that can provide a wealth of information on the activities and health status of our dogs and cats, allowing them to be monitored on a wider, daily basis and not just in emergencies.

However, GPS monitoring remains the most useful function, the one that saves us when our four-legged companion does not return home as usual. Often, on social networks, you can see the buzzwords and word-of-mouth to help people who have lost their beloved dog or cat. A GPS check is what you need to avoid these kinds of situations of anxiety and worry. Just pick up your mobile phone and in a few taps,  you will know immediately where your dog is, without any distance limits, even if he or she has decided to take a romantic getaway to Paris.