The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent, friendly and very affectionate dog. It is an amazing puppy that often is used as a guide dog, rescue dog, drug dog, but also to detect explosives. Even if it is a calm dog, Golden Retriever needs regular exercise and constant intellectual stimuli.

Golden Retriever, fur features

The Golden Retriever is a Scottish breed: it is born around 1850 as a hunting and Retriever dog and it has become a good companion dog.

At the moment this breed divides up into three categories: British Golden Retriever, American Golden Retriever and Canadian Golden Retriever.

This breed has also different colors such as Golden, cream and red: in the standard version is admitted every nuance of Golden and cream.

Golden Retriever short fur

The British Golden Retriever has shorter, thicker and wavier fur, while the American one’s it is not wavy at all, but when we talk about short fur Golden Retriever we refer to both, since both have short fur.

The Golden Retriever changes its fur twice a year and during this period it is necessary to comb it every day in order to remove dead fur. Golden Retriever as an astonishing double fur: the superficial fur covering is silky, wavy, average long and water resistant. The inside of the fur is different, softer, but shorter and necessary to isolate the dog from the hot of the summer or the cold of the winter. So, there are no short fur Golden Retriever, but when we talk about short fur we are talking about the underfur.

Even though the fur of the Golden Retriever’s fur can vary in terms of thickness and length, all the breed types need at least a deep brushing and combing a week during the year in order for it to always be sparkly and neat.

Obviously, on its long fur we could find some fine dust stucked on it, but the Golden does not need some specific combing. Since it has long fur it may need some stripping, a combing technique that will enhance the look and the health of your furry friend.