Welcoming a dog puppy at home is an important moment, so choosing a Golden Retriever could be the right choice. The Golden is an intelligent, affectionate, calm and obedient dog, it loves open spaces an playing, but it perfectly adapts to family life in an apartment even if it is born as hunting and retriever dog.

But how can we select our Golden puppy? We recommend to contact a professional and reliable Golden Retriever farm, that can offer a healthy and equilibrate puppy.

Golden retriever farms, how to choose  

When you decide to buy a golden retriever puppy you will face a double choice: you can choose between a professional farm or a family-run one.

The Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) recognize all farms having a specific poster divided into regions and provinces. It is fundamental contacting a professional breeder, it is better if they work only with one or two breeds, so they have a perfect knowledge and know how to choose. If you buy a puppy from a reliable and serious professional breeder recognized by ENCI, it is guaranteed that your dog is healthy and equilibrate.

But how can we choose the right golden retriever farm? It is important visiting the farm yourself, paying attention on living spaces for dogs. Try also to control its parents in order to have a glimpse of their character: distrust those breeders who only show puppies. Socializing during the first 60 days is crucial for puppies: primary socialization is very important, at least for the first two months of their lives they should interact among them and especially with the mother, essential for their future emotive equilibrium.

Golden retriever farms

When you are looking for the right golden retriever farm, it is important to choose the professional who will ask you the proper questions while recommending also which puppy is more suited for you according to the character. You should also take the written documentation that prove puppy’s parents exemption from main hereditary diseases such as leg and elbow dysplasia: Golden Retriever suffer especially from inborn cardiac conditions and inborn oculopathies.

No one can 100% guarantee for the puppy’s health, but if you want to check its parent’s health you should check the pedigree.

We are talking about a certified pedigree registered in the herdbook register, which is issued and printed only in the ENCI headquarters and sent to the breeder by ENCI territorial delegation of the new owner. The average price of a Golden in these professional farms ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 EUR.

You can also consider a family-run farm: the price will be lower, but be careful and check puppy’s mother health and the exemption from hereditary diseases and behavior issues compared to the average. It is fundamental respecting the times: in this case, puppies should not be sold before 60 days according to law, this period is necessary for a proper socialization of the puppy with brothers and mum. You can contact also an amateur farm as long as he has professionally followed veterinarian recommendation for puppy’s health and the puppy has already socialized with its brothers.