Golden Retriever has Scottish origins and it has conquered the whole world, from Europe to America, since even if it is a unique breed, we usually distinguish between English Golden Retrievers and European ones from north America ones, which is to say Canadian and those from USA.

Golden Retriever features

It is a medium-sized dog with long or medium, which is golden as its denomination. Golden Retriever is a very beautiful dog with a noble elegance: this breed offers sociable and companion dogs, even if they are born as a retriever and especially hunting dog in Scottish lands at the beginning.

Versatility Golden Retriever

Today it is appreciated for being a perfect domestic and companion dog, intelligent and affectionate, suitable for living in an apartment with children, but also its qualities as a retriever are used in many countries as support to detect explosives or as guide for blind. This versatility is possible because Golden Retriever is am extremely intelligent and patient dog, so it can learn owners’ teachings and execute them properly. In addition, it has good physical strength and agility, so it is clear that this breed is perfect for so many different situations.

Golden Retriever

As we mentioned before, the perfect habitat for these dogs is in a large family, in which its meek and affectionate nature can be implemented through play and interaction with humans, towards which it is very nice, even with strangers. The negative side of Golden Retriever is being subjected to many health problems, mostly of genetic origins, that can cause it much pain, so the breeder should prevent these diseases to spread from generation to generation.