Friendly encounters: how to recognise a friendly approach of two unknown dogs on a leash and some important things to know.

Friendly Encounters

5 steps of a friendly meeting between unknown dogs on a leash:

  1. Curious approach with the dogs approaching each other diagonally, not in a straight line
  2. Tail that wags broadly and softly, accompanied by pelvis movement
  3. Approaching to get to know each other, sniffing in order: nose, lips, ears, genitals
  4. Soft and light movements throughout the meeting time
  5. Playful bowing with playful bowing response from the other do


  • Keep the focus on the dogs, without ever creating tension through the leash, preventing them from getting tangled up
  • Stop the interaction before you create tiredness or tension, attracting the dog’s attention with your voice, without annoying it!

Meeting doesn´t have to happen! If you’re not sure what’s going to happen, avoid forcing the dogs to meet !

If your dog has trouble meeting other dogs, turn to a professional.

Dr. Daniela Cardillo, graduated in Breed Breeding Techniques and Cynophile Education and part of the international team of Victoria Stilwell, star of the television series “Enough! Me or the dog.” GREENDOGS brand owner

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