Our four-legged friend health is fundamental, so in order to protect it is necessary to use a proper antiparasitic all year long from the attacks of fleas, those annoying little parasites that stick on the animal coat. They can cause itching, swollen areas and alopecia, but they can also cause illnesses and serious infections. What should we do if we notice fleas’ eggs on the dog? We should not be afraid, we should act immediately since fleas reproduces themselves very quickly.

Fleas eggs on the dog, what to do

If our dog constantly bites itself the fur or scratches itself the same way it probably has the fleas. How can we identify the fleas and their eggs on the dog’s coat? We should look at it closely and try to detect the presence of some small black dots on the abdomen and the back, in this case we are talking about young and moving fleas, but if they stay still they can be their feces; which obviously confirm the presence of fleas’ eggs. But since the dog can get the fleas also during a simple walking in the park, how can we distinguish fleas’ feces from the terrain? It is a very easy task: you just need to take a little amount o this material and put it on a paper towel, damping it with some water drops and spreading it with a finger. Fleas’ feces contain hematic material since they are parasites that drinks blood. If you find some blood on the napkin then you can be sure there are some fleas.

Fleas eggs in dogs

In this case we should proceed cleaning our dog and disinfecting our home in order to eliminate the eggs. Sanitize properly the home using the vacuum in all areas shared with the dog, do the same with fabrics and wash everything that has been used by your four-legged friend. In order to prevent it getting the fleas it is fundamental to use an antiparasitic shampoo immediately during a warm bath on all the dog’s body. You should use a fine-toothed comb in order to remove fleas’ eggs and drying the dog completely. You should constantly use some proper antiparasitic droplets or vials that can eliminate even the eggs. You can either use some antiflea collars that gradually release some active ingredients useful to eliminate fleas presence, but there are also some pills you can administer to your dog.