Subscription-free dog trackers represent a very convenient solution when it comes to taking care of your furry pet by monitoring its activity. This is a device that is usually attached to a collar or a harness and which collects a series of information about our four-legged friend, starting with, of course, its location. This is accompanied by other data collected by sensors in the device, which must all then be communicated to a receiving device, where the information will be processed into a format which is useful for the end user.

How do subscription free trackers work

With regard to location, for example, the subscription free dog tracker is “limited” to communicating with the satellites of the GPS system. Via trilateration it can calculate the coordinates of an area, within which the GPS tracker is located. It thus transmits simple coordinates which the receiver – usually a smartphone app – then shows on a map so that they are understandable and ready to be used.

Dog tracker without subscription

To make all this possible, the GPS device and the receiver must be able to communicate with each other. This occurs mostly via a GSM module which, using a 2G connection, allows the collar to send information to a server. The server can then be accessed via anything that can connect to the internet – from a smartphone to a tablet and even a PC. Usually a subscription is due to cover the costs of this connection, but manufacturers also exist who produce subscription free dog trackers. In this case, it is up to the end user to purchase the SIM and pay an operator the price of a data plan.

Why it is better to buy a subscription device

The differences from an economic point of view are minor, and in any case this is a cost that must necessarily be incurred even with a subscription free dog tracker if it is to work properly. It is worth underlining the fact that collars which offer an integrated SIM are not only linked to a single telephone operator but rely on the infrastructure of multiple providers so as not to run into coverage problems: depending on the area, the subscription free dog tracker without a will choose the operator with the best service in order to always guarantee effective communication.