If you’re looking for a dog GPS on offer for Black Friday you’ll definitely be someone who cares a lot about your four-legged friend, so you’ll only want the best for him. In recent years, the American post-Thanksgiving offers have invaded our country and brought a lot of good deals, especially for people who buy technology and for those who buy online. As for the search for a dog GPS on Black Friday, it certainly won’t be fruitless but before putting it in the cart and buying it, it’ll be good to inform yourself and understand what’s essential to know about these devices.

Dog trackers on offer

GPS technology has been around for many years and even GPS trackers are nothing new. For animals, these devices were mainly used in the world of hunting where dogs run around in large open spaces and the risk of losing sight of them is very high. Fortunately, over time, GPS technology has been optimised and made more accessible. Today every smartphone, even a low-end one, comes with a GPS module; this is a technology which has become standard for any smartphone and, thanks to the efforts made to achieve this result, today we can buy a dog GPS on Black Friday at very low prices compared to other products which were used in the past.

Dog GPS on Black Friday offer

GPS for dogs on offer

Before purchasing, it’s necessary to check that, in addition to the GPS, there are also the various measures usually used to improve its efficiency. The GPS doesn’t work down to the millimetre but it’s within a few metres, and various particular conditions can alter the correct functioning of this technology. This is why the GLONASS system and A-GPS are usually combined with the GPS to join their functions and give increasingly precise and stable results.

The ability of the tracker to communicate its position is very important. To overcome the range limits of technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi, the trackers come with a GSM module which uses the 2G mobile line. There are two options: the device has a SIM slot which requires you to buy a card after working out which operator has the best coverage in the area or, when buying a dog GPS with the Black Friday offer, you can pick one which has an internal module which can use multiple operators so that it always has the best coverage.