Dry food for dogs – there are really many different types and brands currently on the market. Although we know very well that it represents the best compromise in terms of nutrition for our dog because it guarantees the correct caloric and nutritional intake, it is also true that all dry food is not equal and not all of them can boast the same quality. How to choose the best dry food for dogs?

Best dog food

In order to choose the best dry dog food, it is essential to evaluate our four-legged friend carefully. In fact, we must orient ourselves according to the animal’s age, breed and size, but also according to its state of health and physical activity.

Best dry food for dogs

‘For puppies’ is dry food suitable for puppies, rich in calcium and vitamins that promote bone development, while regular dry food is suitable for adult dogs that carry out a normal physical activity. If our four-legged friend has a lot of physical activity, it is good to choose the premium dry food which is particularly suitable for rescue dogs, but also for pregnant dogs as well.

However, ‘light’ dry food is perfect for dogs that lead a more sedentary life, as they are more dietetic.

Nutritional requirements

In order to choose the best dry food for dogs we must also be able to read the label carefully. The first ingredient to be taken into consideration should be the percentage of meat content since dogs are carnivores. There’s single-protein dry food that guarantees only one source of animal protein and can sometimes be grain free. Meat represents the most assimilable and protein-rich ingredient for our four-legged friend, and it is better to avoid satiating them by choosing only dry food rich in grains. A new dry food must guarantee a complete meal and provide all the nutrients they need and in adequate quantities with safe ingredients that do not damage the dog’s health. It must also be balanced and palatable, smell and taste good and be digestible so the nutrients can be absorbed by the dog. When reading the label, the first ingredient listed is the one present in greater quantity. We consider the following brands to be some of the best dry food presently on the market: Acana, especially for dogs with sensitivities and allergies; Alpha Spirit Only Fish which maintain their unaltered nutritional values, is highly digestible and additive-free; Farmina N&D Grain Free, a particular dry food which contains so-called ‘ancient grains’, such as micio, brown rice and oats. Monge or the Italian Oasy also represent excellent value fo