Buying an Amazon GPS dog collar brings many advantages in terms of looking after your pet, and will enable you to do so without breaking the bank. The sense of greater tranquility coming from always and at any time knowing where your four-legged friend is will make walks in the street or in the park, days away from home and even holidays much more peaceful. It is not always possible or sufficient to rely on the watchful eye of the owner, therefore the Amazon GPS dog collar is the ideal solution to accompany you in the search for your pet, guaranteeing you will find them without wandering around hopelessly or relying on a stranger having caught sight of them.

Amazon GPS dog collar

GPS dog collar, characteristics

The localization system used in modern collars is, among other things, very efficient, since it combines the functionalities of several technologies to obtain ever more precise and targeted results. GPS alone can in a certain sense fail in particular contexts for several reasons, and that is why this localization system based on satellite positioning and navigation is refined and supplemented by some additional technologies such as GLONASS, as well as the exploitation of widely used communication protocols such as bluetooth and wi-fi. The latter are not only used to establish communication between the collar and the receiver but also to obtain further data on the position which can be cross-referenced with those of the GPS and consequently improve the results.

The accuracy of the Amazon GPS dog collar allows you to take advantage of its location functionality for other features, such as the leash and the virtual fence. In the case of the former we are dealing with a rather simple function which exploits the limited range of action provided by bluetooth, and which, over a certain distance, loses the connection. When bluetooth connection is lost, we receive a notification to tell us that the dog has strayed far enough to cause the disconnection to fail. As for the virtual fence, this is a feature that allows you to define digital boundaries via the app: it can correspond to a courtyard or a garden or in general to a place where the dog can move freely while remaining safe. When the Amazon GPS dog collar signals that those boundaries have been exceeded, we receive a notification so that once again we can take prompt action.