Why A Cat Runs Away?

Although the cat is a sedentary animal who loves to spend its time comfortably dozing on a pillow or on the couch, or in any other safe place if he is free to wander about the garden or in the neighborhood, it is not unusual to hear about lost cats or see missing notices and posters stuck everywhere, from walls to lamp posts, by owners looking for their pet.

One of the main reasons why our cat might run away stays in the reproduction instinct. In fact, if a male cat smells, even far away, the scent of a female cat in heat, he will not hesitate even for a second to reach her. His absence may last days or even weeks, until our cat gets what he wants or the heat period ends.

There are also other reasons that we can collect under a general change in the life of our: the birth of a baby; a change of place; the arrival of another pet in the house; the visit of a stranger to its environment.

The third and last reason is the instinct to explore and the boredom of the domestic environment that makes them wish to see new places and learn something other than the usual routine.

We must point out that a cat might also decide to never come back if it considers that the conditions that bother it and that it feels around are unacceptable. For this reason, it is important that you deal with any change you want to impose on your cat very calmly, so as not to push your pet to accept a change in its habits too quickly. We also recommend offering to your cat new interests such as toys and attractions that might make it feel its environment stimulating rather than boring. Finally, we recommend neutering your cat to reduce the reasons for escaping.