How do you show your pets you love them? Obviously you shower them with cuddles, treats and lots of attention throughout the day. However, did you know that you can show your love by keeping an eye on your pet, even when you’re not around?


Kippy Vita now has a new function just for this: the VITA MESSAGING system, which allows you to always be connected with your best friend to keep an eye on every aspect of their wellbeing – sleeping, eating or moving, you can check on their calories consumed, when they are playing and when they are resting. Wherever you are, you will be able to find out what your cat or dog is doing and better understand how to help them lead a healthy, happy life and be aware of their needs.


The VITA MESSAGING system allows you to stay in touch with your pets so you can make sure that, even from a distance, you are doing everything you can to keep them happy. When you log in to VITA MESSAGING, you will receive three different types of message that will give you a complete picture of the health and daily habits of your four-legged friend:

Get messages about their activity: thanks to an algorithm developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna, Kippy is able to detect the main motor activities of your pet such as walking, running, playing, sleeping or relaxing, and calories consumed. Your pet will contact you to remind you to help them reach their goals, or just to make sure you haven’t forgotten about them.

Get valuable messages and tips about the behaviours and habits of dogs and cats, which will help you improve their psycho-physical wellbeing, day after day, thanks to detailed and targeted information.

Status messages: status messages will be available shortly and, thanks to this new feature, you will be able to find out in real time when your pet goes to have a nap, when they get up, go for a nice walk or if they have not moved throughout the day, so you know what you need to do when you return. (Released in 2017)

With Kippy VITA MESSAGING you can always keep your four-legged friend with you, to help monitor their wellbeing and provide them with a healthy and controlled life, tailored to your and your pet’s needs.


The VITA MESSAGING messages are stored in the Kippy Vita app so you will not lose any information you receive. You can also read them in real time when you receive a notification, just like any other normal message but this time it is from your pet.
The Vita system is just beginning and its functions are constantly evolving: a team of experts works on the algorithm to implement new content so that you can stay in touch with your pet even when you’re not around. The goal is to make VITA MESSAGING increasingly smart, so your dog or cat will never be alone, and you will be able to look after them without the stresses and anxieties caused by being away. True love knows no bounds, thanks to VITA MESSAGING from KIPPY.