Complete monitoring of your pet’s position and activity

GPS and Activity Monitor for cats and dogs

gps for dogs
Extra-grip connection

Made of steel and extra-grip Velcro, it guarantees a perfect adherence to the collar everywhere, even with very active pets.


Rainproof, puddle-proof, suited for quick diving


The battery has a long life of up to 7 days of use without having to recharge it.


Its soft touch plastic and the ABS shell are designed to protect the electronic part from shocks and shakes.

GPS Assisted

Locates your pet in real time, with improved satellite connection times thanks to the daily download of the satellite ephemerides.

Activity Tracking

Kippy Vita allows you to monitor the activities of your pet throughout the day.

Calorie consumption

Calculate the daily calorie consumption of your pet based on its data and on the activities performed thanks to algorithms validated by the Università di Bologna.

Always with you

It connects to your smartphone from any distance thanks to the Vodafone and partners’ international mobile network.

GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor for cats and dogs

Kippy Vita is the first device that combines GPS tracking and monitoring of the motor activity designed for pets. All recorded data will always be available and easy to understand and display on your smartphone, tablet or computer: Kippy Vita puts you in touch with your pet with constant updates and in real time. Kippy Vita is a complete instrument that includes the device to attach to the collar, the dedicated application and the tracking service even abroad.

Content of the box


Kippy Vita measures 6x2x3.5 cm and weighs 50 g.

Quick start guide

The package contains a practical guide for the first activation of the product: a few steps to best configure your device and app.

Easy to charge

Connect the micro USB cable to Kippy Vita and to a USB port or power socket using the transformer. When charging, the light will be red until the device reaches half of the charge (<50%), and then orange for the second half (>50%). The battery is fully charged when the light turns green.


A. Kippy Vita
B. Band with Velcro latch
C. Micro USB cable
D. Quick Start Guide
E. terms and conditions, Safety
F. Kippy ID Code (on the back of Kippy Vita)

Download the app

Download the free Kippy Vita app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store; for Smartphone and Tablet Android™ from Google Play and the Windows Store for all Windows devices.

Activate the device
  1. Access the Kippy Vita app or the website
  2. Register or login
  3. Click on ADD A KIPPY Vita
  4. Enter the Kippy ID code (F) that you find on the back of Kippy Vita
  5. Wait for the email that confirms the activation of the service (the service/app will be activated within an hour)
  6. Buy and activate your services package through Kippy App
Easy-connect to the collar

Kippy Vita is light and easy to attach to the collar: more safety and peace of mind for you and your pet.

Start using it

Access the application and discover all the Kippy Vita functions. From the dashboard, you can see the last updates on your pet’s position and activities, and access the two main sections: POSITION and ACTIVITY.

The GPS for pets, active and connected

The Kippy Vita tracking system uses 2 different technologies, for a greater safety and peace of mind for you and your pet: GPS for an unlimited range and LBS (in the absence of a GPS signal) through the phone cells of mobile phones. Kippy Vita is the GPS tracker ideal for your dog and for your cat: an innovative device, an active and connected Activity Tracker COVERAGE: EUROPE, TURKEY, INDIA and SOUTH AFRICA.

Costs of the service

Once purchased Kippy Vita, you have downloaded the app from the Play Store or App Store, you only need to activate the services package (from 4,16€/month) through your own dedicated area. Thanks to Kippy you have access to a range of services and exclusive content constantly updated and increased. In addition to the tracking service, that will allow you to follow and locate your dog or cat at all times, being updated of all activities of your animal data, the package will offer you exclusive contents or conventions specially-made for you and your four-legged friends