KIPPY is able to track the position of an animal through its geolocalised system which allows to communicate the animals position anywhere.
The position is sent through a special data network called M2m ( Machine to machine ).
This network allows the communication between Kippy and the central server.
The app will connect to the server in order to get the information released by the device.

Unlike other Bluetooth devices Kippy has unlimited reach and it works even if your animal is a thousand km away.

In order to work Kippy needs the activation of its ‘Service Package’ which covers all data connectivity costs.


The smartphone needs to be connected in order to send the activation request to Kippy.

In order to receive the request Kippy needs to be in an area that allows 2g connectivity ( It usually takes few seconds to set up)

Kippy will connect to the GPS system ( The setup process may take few seconds or minutes based on your connectivity )

When the device has been set up it will automatically update its position every 5 seconds.

Each position is tracked, monitored and saved by the Kippy device which record all data in the History and Activity section of the app.

To save battery power, after 5 minutes of inactivity Kippy ceases to transmit the position.

When the GPS network is weak, Kippy reaches other network cells which allow a faster track.