Complete monitoring of your pet’s position and activity

Kippy Vita is a revolutionary solution for our four-legged friends. Hook the Kippy Vita device to the collar of your pet to track down its position on the map via GPS.

Everything you need in one device only


Check your pet position directly on the map.


Find out how far Kippy Vita is from you and how to reach it.


Navigate through the history of your pet’s movements


Draw a virtual fence and get a warning if your pet leaves the selected area.


Stay always connected with your pet and receive lots of tips on how to improve its and your daily well-being.


Display the summary of all the motor activities of your pet.

Activity Detail
Activity detail

Analyze and scroll the data for each single activity.


Set a goal that your pet must meet for each activity.

Where and when you want

You can use the KIPPY APP from your mobile, tablet and also from your PC thanks ti the WEB APP. Check the position and the activities of your dog or cat with a few clicks from your PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone: Android and iOS.

Kippy Vita with Activity Monitor

Kippy Vita is the first device that combines GPS tracking and monitoring of the motor activity designed for pets. All recorded data will always be available and easy to understand and display on your smartphone, tablet or computer: Kippy Vita puts you in touch with your pet with constant updates and in real time. Kippy Vita is a complete instrument that includes the device to attach to the collar, the dedicated application and the tracking service even abroad.

Live Position Tracking.
Keep an eye on your pet

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