Lost dogs and cats

Lost cats and dogs


The data provided by the European animal rights associations confirm that the problem of lost cats and dogs has a paramount importance.
In fact, according to the analyses, one pet out of three gets lost at least once in its lifetime, and 20% are never found.
The failure in finding a pet means, in the best hypothesis, it has been captured and taken to a structure such as dog pounds and shelters, and in the worst case, that the pet is dead in an accident or of hunger.

At Kippy, we work every day to offer a remedy to such problem, constantly improving our GPS device and providing support to abandoned cats and dogs. But this is not enough; in fact, together with veterinarians and associations, we have established three simple rules to prevent pets from getting lost.

The three rules:

Find your cat or dog in a few minutes,
not in days

Thanks to these simple rules and to Kippy, you will find your friend in a few minutes. They are part of the family, keep them safe!

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