Many activities. One device.

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Kippy Vita. GPS and Activity Monitor for cats and dogs.

Kippy Vita is a revolutionary instrument for your dog or for your cat.
A simple solution to know your pet better: an actual, complete monitoring of its daily activities. An innovative technology that allows you to get with a few clicks all the information you need on your dog or cat, directly on your preferred device: PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The GPS device locates your pet in every instant, while the Activity Tracker monitors in real time all of your pet’s motion parameters.
You choose how to use the device. You choose your way.

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Train together

Train with your dog. Monitor your results and your improvements: stay fit running. Running is good for your health and fights stress: for you and for your dog. An activity to do together, to strengthen your bond and have fun together.

Burnt calories tally

The tally of the calories burnt by your dog or cat is an excellent indicator of its health conditions and motor activity.

A stroll together

To take a walk with your dog is a good way to spend your free time: you get to know each other better, you accelerate your metabolism and spend some time outdoors. A simple stroll can become a special moment for both.


Sleep is an important part of the life of a dog or cat; for this reason, it is important to monitor your pet’s resting hours. In facts, this parameter is necessary to establish the well-being and health of your dog or cat.


The fun time between dog and master is an important aspect. Monitor directly the time your pet spent playing.