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Enjoy the well-being of your pet every moment

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The GPS tracker for cats and dogs

Discover all the functions of Kippy Vita:

GPS for pets

A dedicated section to check in every moment the position of your dog or cat thanks to the GPS technology.

gps pet tracker


A precious digital compass tells you the way to always find your pet

gps pet tracker


For the safety of your dog or your cat, you can set a virtual fence: should your pet trespass the selected fence, the app will immediately warn you

gps pet tracker

Know your pet

Learn to know your pet following its tracks day after day: a log with its movements is always available for you

gps pet tracker
kippy vita phone app

The Activity Monitor for pets

The true, complete monitor of your pet’s activities


With Vita, you will know at first sight the well-being conditions of your dog or cat: the activity and motion status of your pet is monitored in a value

gps pet tracker


With a few clicks, you can check in a whiff all the motor activities of your pet down to the detail of every single entry: run, walk, play, sleep and calorie consumption

gps pet tracker


Your pet will tell you its conditions and what you need to do to improve its well-being, giving you loads of tips to live together in a healthy and active way.

gps pet tracker


Set goals for your dog or cat and check its progress and trend

gps pet tracker

Access also from the Kippy Vita web app

You can use the Kippy Vita app also from your PC or Laptop thanks to the Web App. Kippy Vita allows you to choose your preferred solution from your cell phone or desktop.

kippy web app Access from the Vita web app