GPS & Activity Monitor designed for Pets

Pets First

When it comes down to our four-legged friends, we never back down. Their importance in our lives is often underestimated.
And yet, they do nothing else but giving us loads of joy and sometimes some funny annoyance.

This strong bond with our pets led us to develop a project with the final goal to always protect them and take care of them at our best. Technology is only the means, not the end.

We know how much we mean to them, and to return their love, we put them in the first place, every day. A choice of life, for us the best one.

Kippy is the GPS tracker and Activity Monitor for dogs, cats and all pets that allows you to always know where they are and how they are thanks to the dedicated application for smartphone, tablet and computer.

It is an all-Italian project born from the collaboration between pet, technology and communication experts.