The GPS tracker with SIM is a small tracker which must be attached to the dog or cat’s collar and receives the satellite signal to be transmitted to the smartphone or tablet via a specific transmitter.

GPS trackers with SIMs, how they work

But how do GPS trackers with SIMs work? These devices also have to contain a phone SIM and may be available with or without a subscription. Using the linked app, it’s also possible to check the precise location of the animal on a map in an extremely reliable way. These are small, durable and waterproof models which are powered by rechargeable batteries. GPS trackers with SIMs need a subscription, which requires a monthly payment by credit card and can be purchased in advance with a six- or twelve-month top-up. SIM-free GPS trackers, on the other hand, do not require a phone connection or subscription.

GPS tracker with SIM, models

Let’s look at the best models of GPS trackers with SIMs. One of the offers on the market is the Prothelis Greta. This is a universal GPS tracker with apps for iPhone and Android smartphones and integrated SIM card use. Tractive GPS for dogs is a great classic, one of the best products at an affordable price: it’s a GPS tracker for dogs with live location tracking, activity monitoring, a free app and integrated SIM, with the possibility to choose between different subscription plans. There’s also the XL edition version of Tractive, which is suitable for large dogs, but also Tractive for cats, a GPS tracking collar for cats with activity monitoring, with an integrated SIM card which requires a subscription. Weenect Cats two is the best GPS tracker for small dogs and cats. It features an audible alarm for training, it has a good battery life, it comes with a SIM card and it works with a subscription.